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Visit The ZEAL Sales “Office” Headquarters

March 8th, 2011

Zeal Sales, Inc. is purportedly in the business of selling the “shells” of Health Career Agents members’ businesses that have failed (meaning they never made a dime and boy are there plenty of them!).  What could possibly be a more solid recommendation that you’re dealing with a “legitimate” business than paying a surprise visit to their corporate headquarters address and finding this:

Zeal Sales Headquarters

Zeal Sales, Inc. World Headquarters

This is where you can learn to earn a HALF MILLION Dollars per year!  Inspired? Trusting? Are you that Gullible?

A valid comparison

February 18th, 2011

I’m an avid scuba diver and have traveled extensively participating in the sport.  One of the places I’ve been fortunate to visit is the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.  On more than one of my many dives I encountered the Crown of Thorns Starfish, a plague that is threatening the natural habitat for many of the smaller reef fish. 

Photo courtesy of and 1997 Jeff Jeffords (Thanks Jeff!)

What does this have to do with Search Entrepreneurs, Career Agents Network and the newest evil, Zeal Sales?  Let me describe the Crown of Thorns Starfish in greater detail.

The Crown of Thorns Starfish is a coral predator. It destroys the coral reefs, depriving endemic species like the Clown Fish, Blue Chromis, and others from their nature shelter and home.   A hungry starfish climbs up on the coral and pulls its stomach out of its mouth with its feeder tubes. They have thousands of these feeder tubes, each ending with a little suction cup. The tubes pass the stomach from one to the next until the huge yellow stomach is spread out over the coral. Then the stomach bastes the live coral with acidic digestive juices. The cells of the stomach slurp up the bits of dissolving coral. When the starfish has cleaned the coral down to the white calcium carbonate skeleton, it sucks in its stomach and creeps away.  Nothing of value is left.

The two organizations in operation, Search Entrepreneurs and Zeal Sales are the Crown of Thorns Starfish among business opportunity seekers.  They slither up on top of the budding home-based business person, promise them the riches of the sea, then wrap their greedy yellow stomach around their 20-50,000 dollars and rapidly digest it.  The only thing left in the wake of this destruction are broken homes, bankruptcies, and the bleached bones of what was promised.

The creative use of Testimonials

January 16th, 2011

It is interesting to note that the new Search Entrepreneurs company is using testimonials in a very creative manner.  Reading these testimonials you’d never come to the conclusion that the company is a mere 5 weeks since latest name change.  You’d  never come to the conclusion that these testimonials are the result of solicitation by the management to gather materials from cronies to facilitate the continuation of a flawed business model.

Since Search Entrepreneurs is the new name of Career Agents Network, which was a new name for Health Career Agents, which was a new name for…well you get the idea; I’ve decided to lump everything together for commentary and opinion into one area that will be sustainable for the longer term and also allow others to post their opinions and experience.  This group of executives changes their corporate name more frequently than some of the slower forms of lizard and reptiles, and since Search Entrepreneurs seems to have a penchant for using testimonials, I felt it only appropriate for those that detest them to have a forum. has been setup to assist in this exercise of everyone’s First Amendment rights. will serve as a “CrowdSourcing” forum for the expression of the disaster inflicted by purchasing a “business opportunity” from this organization.  Additionally, as other people wish to add companies beyond the scope of Search Entrepreneurs, Career Agents Network, Health Career Agents, etc… new areas will be added.

For those of you that aren’t kept “completely” in the loop, Search Entrepreneurs has already begun working on a new name to use once the cachet of Search Entrepreneurs diminishes (or people catch on).  Oh! They haven’t disclosed this to you?  Imagine that… guess you’ll have to wait until it’s added at to find out.

New Name = Search Entrepreneurs … Same Owners

December 23rd, 2010

Sorry for the delay… I’m certain many of you have been waiting for our new sucks dot com web sites;,, and our blog since we became aware of the new name of the sleazy old company.  Rest assured that our new sucks dot com for Search Entrepreneurs,  (yes, you missed a few domains) are up and operational.  Same Dog, Same Fleas, New name… not like we didn’t predict it.  Find us on Google if you put in the <keywords= Search Entrepreneurs Sux or Sucks> or just use this search link: Search Entrepreneurs .

Health Career Agents is still alive and kicking, I guess.  The company is still showing as active with the Missouri Secretary of State and the “re-scam” … (I mean resales) website is still operational. Out of curiosity, is Search Entrepreneurs, Inc. now contracted to support the Health Career Agents membership since Career Agents Network ceased to exist?  Just for informational purposes, it appears that Brian Marchant-Calsyn is also undergoing somewhat of a name change.  He isn’t using “Marchant” as part of his last name and also tends to spell his first name BrYan.  It would also appear that he is planning on sticking around the digs on Topping Road.  Although he conducted a “Moving Sale” last July it doesn’t appear that the house is listed anywhere on the market.  Couple that with the fact that he just paid his tax bill of more than 15 thousand dollars in November and it seems he’s settled in for the Winter.  Anyone interested in owning property next to him should line up for the Tax sale on his adjacent property (at 1803 Topping Rd.) in the late Summer, when it is sold for 3 years of delinquent taxes.

A Penny For Your Thoughts?

November 22nd, 2010


Anyone that has had the displeasure (torture might be a better term) of listening to Charlotte Byndas performing one her trademark “I” monologues knows that although the title may say “A Penny For Your Thoughts”; I’m way smarter than to actually mean it since past experience evidenced that once she begins speaking it is very difficult for her to shut up.  Even her most recent blog entry of November 22, 2010 couldn’t make it past the first 22 words without the use of “I” in the second sentence and “my” in the fourth. 

So, what’s the significance of a penny? 

After seventeen months from the onset of the spurious, unfounded, and baseless litigation against me for exercising my Freedom of Speech in calling them out as a scam, we settled by paying them 1 Cent.  Actually, my counsel was the one that finally said to their counsel in one of the forced mediation meetings “Listen, I’ll give you a penny out of my own pocket if you dismiss the case”.  He was somewhat shocked when it was accepted, as he was not completely serious when he made the offer.

You have to ask yourself if you’ve followed this saga, If $40,000 was considered to be a “bargain” by Charlotte Byndas, what is an amount $39,999.99 less?

Now that this legal vendetta by the Chief Reprobate Officer has ended, with them being spanked by the Federal District Court not once, but twice and finally realizing the 6th Court of Appeals would have ruled similarly there is a need for some reflection.

  1. If Charlotte Byndas, the pedantic nitwit, had facilitated the refund of the $49,900.00 she scammed me out as COO of Brian Marchant-Calsyn’s scam Health Career Agents, I wouldn’t have had as much to gripe about.  The other 900+ people that were scammed would have had to pick up the gauntlet and carry it forward.

  2. Performing surveillance on my home and sending me creepy text messages at whack hours of the day and night went way too far over the line of conduct by a Chief Oooops-erating Officer; firming my resolve to put them in their place for attempting to “bully” me and infringe upon the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment.

  3. Bringing my four-time Cancer surviving Sweetheart into the fray of this litigation was a fatal error and cemented my willingness to expose the foul stench of their business practices.

Everything aside, I’d still be willing to assist these people in reforming their unethical and unprincipled ways and offer to provide consultation to their company to achieve this goal.  In my opinion it would be a very long journey, and it might seem to be an insurmountable task; however, as an optimistic person I’d hope that there is some shred of decency in their corporate leadership.  My thought is that Paul Helm, President of Career Agents Network, might have actually “grown a pair” and told Byndas to get this resolved.  They were already 0-2 with the courts, facing 0-3 on appeal and paying (if they’ve been paid) Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer, and Weiss a huge amount to pursue almost certain defeat.  My counsel would have enjoyed allowing Career Agents Network to pay for the establishment of further precedents, like the award of my attorney fees did for other baseless Lanham/ACPA litigation.  Most likely they would have wound up paying my attorney’s fees on appeal also.

If they’re upset with their attorneys, perhaps they should consider a website like  Oh wait, you can’t use that one since I already own it and will be using it in very short order.  There are a few blog-posting surprises waiting in the virtual world Christmas (or Hannukah) stocking next month for this law firm.  Hey Jaffe, wanna go a few rounds and face equal humiliation as your client?  I’m *alot* more savvy now than when Michael Khoury (Super Lawyer?…LOL) tried to bully me in June of 2009.

In conclusion, no hard feelings, you were a scam, remain a scam, and even when you change your name next year will still be a scam.  I’ll be there to call you out on that one also.

By the way Charlotte, I’d like to thank you for being the Number 1 visitor to my websites both on your Verizon Wireless connection as well as Comcast.  Your visits represent almost 1.4% of the total 16,475 since publication.  It’s nice to know you stop talking for at least a few moments while reading.  Even if many of your visits occur very early in the morning and presumably when there’s no one around for you to bore senseless with your jabbering, I’ll still give you credit for momentary silence.  You REALLY should try to practice the words of the Greek philosopher Epictetus (sometimes attributed to Socrates):

Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and one tongue — to the end that we should hear and see twice more than we speak.

Final question:  I understand that there have actually been people stupid enough to buy into one of these ”business opportunities” since I started the websites.  Are these people complete morons or was P. T. Barnun truly correct in stating “There’s a sucker born every minute”?

October 11th, 2010

Plaintiffs receive $157,218.00 in judgments against Health Career Agents!

In the lawsuit that really brought much of the fraud allegations to the attention of those that were scammed, Gary Schwarz who brought suit against Brian Marchant-Calsyn and Health Career Agents was awarded $35,000.00 by Judge Judy Preddy Draper in a St. Louis Court.  Also receiving judgments from Judge Draper were Dan Friesland ($35,000), Janet Sykora ($35,000), and Pine McCullough ($35,000).  In a separate courtroom, Judge Ellen Hannigan Ribaudo awarded Aaron Wallick $17,218.00 in his litigation against Health Career Agents and Brian Marchant-Calsyn.

In other action there has been a new lawsuit filed against Health Career Agents by Mart Franchise Venture, a company that specializes in holding Franchise Expos.  Did Health Career Agents refuse to pay for space they rented at a franchise expo show claiming that they are a “business opportunity” and not a franchise?

Entrepreneur Media has its case ongoing for whatever they supplied to Health Career Agents and didn’t get paid for.  Maybe that was why the Better Business Bureau (not that they are relevant for any information) revoked HCA’s  accreditation and scores them an “F”.  View it here

Meanwhile, back at the mansion at 1761 Topping Road, the Bylo Brothers have a writ of execution/garnishment against Brian Calsyn (aka Brian Marchant, aka Brian Alan Marchant, aka Brian Marchant-Calsyn, etc etc) for $4,239.21.  The wording of the docket entry for the garnishment states: “This is garnishment 10-GARN-69347 for BRIAN CALSYN; ASSETS LEVY: LEVY UPON ANY AND ALL ASSETS BELONGING TO THE ABOVE NAME DEBTOR WHICH CAN BE LOCATED ON THE PREMISES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO INVENTORY FIXTURES FURNITURE EQUIPMENT CASH CASH REGISTER CASH DRAWER OR ANY OTHER ITEMS OF VALUE @ 1761 TOPPING ROAD ST LOUIS MO 63131″.

It looks like October might be a good month for litigants seeking action against Health Career Agents.

Success in Numbers

September 23rd, 2010

Paul Helm wrote a piece for the website today that discussed metrics.  Metrics are extremely valuable tools in establishing and maintaining a business.  They are also of great value when you are looking at the statistical information regarding a business opportunity.  Let’s look at the metrics involved with Health Career Agents.  You may remember that this is now Career Agents Network, as they had to modify their name to slither out of Missouri.

Over 1,000 people trusted them and their “business opportunity”

Paying $24,900 up to $74,900 for the deliverables they were to provide

“Lifetime” support was easy to offer since they knew from past businesses that very few of the pople they sign up are “alive in business” beyond the first year so that metric is 1 – the amount of years you’re likely to be in business.

Less than 1 out of 25 is your chance of being around long enough to be grandfathered into their next newly named scam.

Less than 1 out of more than 1,000 is your chance of surviving in business long enough to make it to the 2nd generation scam they place forward (or “roll out” as they say) after this one.

There are certain numbers we need your help with:

Letters to the Attorney Generals in Missouri and Michigan (and whatever State they choose to operate from for the next name under which they scam people)

Letters to the Department of Justice demanding them to scrutinize the HCA and CAN business records and determine if they have been fraudulently passing themself off as a franchise in fact or innuendo (like marketing themselves under all of the franchise headers)

Letters and Phone Calls to the Department of Consumer Affairs in your home States’ regarding the misleading and fraudulent manner in which the Health Career Agents purchase agreement was obtained.

The most frequent comment I receive from people that have been victims of this scam is that they thought it was their own fault.  That they were the ones totally responsible for the failure of the business. Former members tell me they were made to feel like they were losers, it was their lack of effort, and they were the problem.  They felt bullied, harrassed, and beaten down.  Most victims  suffered in silence. Since the loss of their tens of thousands of dollars, they lack confidence, feel bad about themselves, and since this is a home-based business spend most of their time alone. They will have negative thoughts about work. It may be difficult to concentrate on work. Some become anxious, have difficulty sleeping and could develop depression.  Some have gotten divorced, others have lost their homes to foreclosure, and still others are living off the assistance of family and friends since they spent their “last dimes” on this scam.  They call it a business opportunity, but call it what it really is, a

BS Opportunity

I’m glad Paul Helm can actually get the posting dates correct in his “NEWS” today.  This was actually posted on the same day as the date imprint states.  Try to keep your calendar straight Paul, at least something in what you say should have truth and accuracy.

The vast majority never get any slice of pie!

September 21st, 2010

Paul Helm does some seemingly fancy math with his most recent post in the “News” section of their website.  In writing about the U. S. staffing industry and the amount of revenue they generate during a year the dollar figure of 160 Billion is mentioned.  As  the President of a company, Mr. Helm should know the difference between revenue and profit, and the fact that much of a staffing company’s revenue goes back out the door in the form of wages to the personnel.  He should also be intimately aware that most of the people engaged in the business he is aligned with and promotes are in Permanent Placement and not Staffing. 

Quick facts:

• In terms of specialist recruitment, the total global market is estimated to be worth US$29.6 billion on a net fee/gross profit basis.
• The US recruitment industry derives around 81% of its revenues from placing temporary/contract employees while only around 19% is derived from search and placement recruitment companies.

Further, Mr. Helm as part of the previous company, Health Career Agents (now Career Agents Network), should discuss the numbers associated with, and failure rates in the ”business opportunity” he promotes, such as:

29,900, 34,900 and 49,900

The number of dollars many people paid to become a member of Health Career Agents and feel they were scammed.


The estimated percentage of members that converted to Career Agents Network from their affiliation with Health Career Agents without it being part of the “loan forgiveness” offered by the financing arm of Health Career Agents in exchange for the waiver of liability for misdeeds contained in section 2 of the agreement.


 The estimated percentage of Health Career Agents member no longer active in their business, don’t have a business email address, and many of which never earned their slice of the “pie”.


The known number of members out of more than 1,000 that have been associated with this scam and made an income by being “grandfathered in” through the various name changes and corporate slitherings since the formation of “The Internet Recruiting Group”.


The actual date of Helm’s posting, not 9/15/2010 as published.  If you can’t get your facts straight, getting the date correct must be equally problematic.

Since CAN enjoys citing quotations and making nebulous references to dollar amounts received in fees, the quote that immediately comes to mind is “Figures don’t lie, but liars often figure”.

Have you renewed your “Platinum” membership?

September 15th, 2010

I’ve heard from numerous CAN members that they have been receiving their notification of payment due for the “Platinum” services as part of their agreement.  This comes on the heels of their one year anniversary with this marvelously beneficial relationship (please note this as a sarcastic comment).  You get all of the top-notch? world-class? exclusive? benefits only available to “Platinum” members.  One of these benefits includes TELEPHONE SUPPORT!  Wow!  Imagine that!  You get useless information in a live format!  And what’s more, you can, as a “Platinum” member even get the same banal, oatmeal-like, useless information via LIVE CHAT!

All this for the low, low price of only $499.  What’s even better is that if you were one of the very few that ACTUALLY MADE A SPLIT PLACEMENT it is reduced to a mere pittance of $299.  If you were one of the very, very, very few that made TWO split placements, the cost is reduced to ZERO! 

Doesn’t this strike you as blatantly ass-backward?  Consider this:

  1. The people that obviously need the most help, the most training, the most support, and most “tools” are those that after a year haven’t made squat with their program or business model.  Those are the people that should receive those advantages for ZERO COST, not additional cost!

  2. The very very few people that have made split placements (despite the flawed business model) should recognize the value (if any) and be willing to GLADLY pay additional monies to maintain that level of service. 

People pay for results, not vapid promises.  This organization walks the tightrope as to not even make any promises since they know they are a miserable failure at delivering results.

Scams of Diluting and Deluding

September 9th, 2010

I was watching the CNBC program last night “American Greed” which focused on the Kansas City Pharmacist that was diluting the chemotherapy that cancer patients were receiving.  Over the course of time he had amassed some 18.7 million dollars in wealth by cheating people out of the medicine they had paid for and needed.

As with some cheats, scoundrels, and scammers, Robert Courtney, was found guilty and sentenced to prison for 30 years.  Others seem to escape the judicial system, whether because of their “lesser evils” or the laziness of attorney generals to prosecute them.  Whether a scammer is diluting drugs or deluding buyers the effect is the same, enriching themselves at the expense of others.

In another posting among her seemingly sporadic and inane writings, Charlotte Byndas discussed the question “does money equal happiness?”.  The blog posting was in response to a recent study which claimed that above $75,000 in annual income the incremental happiness is negligible.  I think that the appropriate follow-up question would have to include “Does being scammed out of $50,000 create unhappiness?”  It would be something she should address since she has personal experience with hundreds of people that feel precisely that way about her and the company she headed up as Chief Operating Officer, Health Career Agents.  It was, in her own words, her “baby” and she was therefore responsible for the destruction  it created in many personal lives.

Some people survive their cancer even though given diluted drugs from Robert Courtney.  Some people survive in recruiting even though given a deluded business model from Charlotte Byndas.

Some people survive no matter what,  It doesn’t lessen the fact that they were scammed.